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Prescription for Happiness

It may be true that we have a basic ‘set-point’ of happiness, influenced by genetics. But studies in brain plasticity also show that it may be possible to improve our overall sense of happiness and well-being and raise that set-point. There are ways to improve your basic level of contentment and happiness in life. Here

Techniques for Help with Chronic Anxiety

Thinking Differently About Anxiety In dealing with dangerous events in real life, it is often very useful to just get away and escape. If your house is on fire, the first thing you need to do is get out. But in the internal world of thoughts and feelings, the harder you try to “get away”

The Nature of Anxiety

If you are someone who suffers from chronic anxiety, you know first hand how distressing the symptoms of anxiety can be: Worried thoughts, restlessness, panic attacks, problems with sleep, a pounding heart, trembling, or shortness of breath. Still, it’s important to remember that anxiety actually has a purpose. Anxiety is a form of fear,  and


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