Use Your Imagination to Boost Happiness In Your Life

We mistakenly tend to believe that life circumstances outside of our control play the biggest role in how happy we are, but research says that (after basic needs are met, and if we’re not suffering from extreme adversity) circumstances actually plays the smallest role in our overall happiness. If we’re wanting to boost our happiness,

Increase Happiness Through Self-Compassion

Many of us can be very hard on ourselves when we fail or make mistakes.  At the very moment we are feeling bad, a critical voice kicks in and makes it worse. But research is showing that people who learn to be more self compassionate towards themselves are happier, more optimistic, more resilient and more

Five Steps To Creating A Better Life For Yourself

There is a point of view that comes from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy that can make it easier to do what’s important in your life.  The point of view is that many people find it useful, in the face of obstacles, to still take actions that move them towards what matters most in their lives.

How To Be Happier

  Here are three simple and effective evidence based practices borrowed from the Greater Good Science Center’s recent 8-week course on happiness. They are simple exercises from the Positive Psychology movement and are things you can do right now to can help improve the quality of your life, decrease stress, anxiety and depression and increase

How to Regain Emotional Balance

How can you respond to difficult emotions more effectively? Unfortunately pain and painful emotions are part of being human. It’s not possible to eliminate painful emotions, but it is possible to reduce the suffering they cause and learn to respond to them in a way that can increase the quality of your life. Our emotions


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