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“Unblending” To Help With Distressing Emotions

Here is my favorite technique for helping with strong distressing emotions. It works best when the difficulty you are experiencing has it’s roots in childhood hurts and injuries. “Yes this current situation is stressful, but my reaction seems outsized and much larger than it should be.” This can happen when a situation reminds our brains

Some Of My Favorite Tools For Help With Anxiety

I had a couple of therapy sessions last week with clients who were having very stressful weeks and asking for tools to work with anxiety between sessions. This gave me the opportunity to think about some of my favorite “anxiety busting” tools, and here is my opportunity for me to share them with you. Diffusion

Using Neuroscience To Help Control Stress

We live in very stressful times. Sometimes stress and anxiety get the best of us and take over our lives.  Neuroscience tells us that there are three emotional systems that help regulate our nervous system and motivate our behavior. We have a “Threat and Protection” system which helps us respond and react to danger. When


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